Products and Services

GSI offers start-to-finish processing and testing of reactive materials, from acquiring raw materials, formulation development, machining, device fabrication, and loading to testing, safety characterization, shipping, and storage.

We currently have over 140 individual formulations developed over 36 years for specific applications. We have developed darts, torches, enhanced blast concepts, reactive shaped charge liners, portable mine destruction devices, and more.

GSI also offers:

  • High Altitude Decoys & Obscurants
  • Agent Defeat Materials & Warheads
  • Reactive Shaped Charge Liners
  • Mine Neutralization Devices
  • Reactive Fragments & Structures
  • Target Lethality Enhancer
  • High Temperature Torch
  • Sensor Blinding Munitions
  • Flares and Thermal Accelerants
  • Oximet, Chlor-O-Gen, Oxy-Gen, & Hi-Therm Trademarked Materials Designed To Defeat The Toughest Targets

GSI offers our customers the flexibility of a small company, the experience of both University and Industrial-trained personnel, and the ability to successfully apply non-traditional technology to difficult-to-solve problems. We provide reactive material support from the beginning of the process until the end, as well as diagnostic support throughout the development process. GSI also owns several patents involving reactive materials and related applications.

Let us help you find a new approach!

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