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General Sciences, Inc. is a leader in innovative applications of reactive materials to solve complicated problems. For over 30 years GSI has worked with DoD, NASA, Sandia and MIT/LL to fulfill our mission: to apply the sciences of exothermic materials to the needs to the needs of the U.S. Defense community to enable increased range and lethality, decrease logistics, and enhance the toolkit available to the U.S. warfighter.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Enhanced lethality concepts for MDA Interceptors
  • Advanced Smoke Obscurants
  • Sound Rocket Payload Development for MDA
  • Enhanced Kinetic Energy Penetrator Development
  • Advanced Energetic Materials
  • Advanced Wall Breaching Technologies
  • Defeat Bio/Chem Agent
  • IED Neutralization
  • Development of Tailored Spectral Flares
  • Missile Countermeasures
  • Land/Naval Mine Neutralization
  • Electromagnetic High-Temperature Phenomena
  • Optical Signature Characterization and Control/Decoys
  • Upper Atmospheric Studies

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